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Musicians ‘failed by government’ over EU touring, stars say

Some of the UK's biggest music stars sign an open letter demanding action over post-Brexit touring. Source link

Baby Done: Comedy film explores woman’s reluctance at impending motherhood

The film explores feeling mixed about being pregnant and social media pressure on expectant mums. Source link

Duchess of Sussex’s father says a letter she wrote ‘criticised’ him

Meghan, 39, sent the letter, which her lawyers described as "intrinsically private, personal and sensitive", to her father in August 2018, following her marriage to...

Classic bands accused of crowding out new music on streaming services

Up-and-coming pop stars are facing "massive competition" from bands like Queen, MPs have been told. Source link

Ulrika Jonsson defends Stacey Solomon: ‘What matters is we’re good mothers’

"We chose to have our children - we longed for them, regardless of the circumstances of their creation," Jonsson wrote in a column for The...