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Netflix content given age rating by algorithm

Staff watched and labelled films and series, then fed the data to an algorithm to generate an age rating. Source link

Spotify reveals 2020s most-streamed songs

Spotify said the most popular genre of 2020 was pop music - reflecting a rise in happier, uptempo music during the pandemic. Source link

National Theatre launches paid streaming service for filmed plays

The closed venue's pay-per-view platform hosts filmed plays starring the likes of Dame Helen Mirren. Source link

Audrey Hepburn: In her own words

Audrey Hepburn may have looked like she lived the perfect Hollywood dream but according to a new documentary, behind the camera, she had a troubled...

Masked Indian comic superhero fights Covid-19 fear

India's first female comic superhero Priya, a gang-rape survivor, battles disinformation around Covid-19. Source link